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Meet Blokness

Reliable, real-time NFT data you can trust

Blokness provides you with consistent data from any NFT collection on the blockchain.

Bring your apps to life

Power up your NFT products

Getting NFT data can be hard and time-consuming. Blokness API was built to power up your NFT products, extracting and cleaning data from all leading chains.

How it Works

All in one place: powerful collection and transaction endpoints will allow you to retrieve extensive NFT data including floors, traits and much more.
Take your next idea to market with powerful NFT data you can trust.
Blokness provides the data points builders need to create any NFT product. Take a look at our Documentation to see what’s possible to build with our API.
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Everything you need

Blokness main goal is to deliver the most accurate NFT data so developers and builders can create, ship and scale products with speed and reliability.

Enriched Data

We use Data Enrichment from private API's (Opensea, Twitter, Discord, etc) to deliver the most accurate data possible. By combining these different data sources we provide enhanced data that will significantly improve your product quality.

Historical Data

We deliver and persist historical data since the launch of the Blockchain until present day so you can retrieve any bit of info from any point in time.

Live Data

We gather real time information by checking the mempool transactions giving you the ability to display the most up to date Live Data and insights in your products right even before they enter the blockchain.

Processed data

Not only we index and augment but we also compute all the data to come up with enhanced metrics like average prices, liquidity variation over time and much more.

Own Ethereum Nodes

To run a highly optimized network with reduced latency and faster response times we run on our own Ethereum nodes. We want to make sure your products run fast, secure and provide a smooth end user experience.


Based on Machine Learning models we provide insights over the data we collect and analyse, delivering added value to anyone that uses our platform.

See it in action

We've set up a demo dashboard 100% powered by Blokness NFT API for you to try it out.
See for yourself how we are leveraging real time and historical data in a fast and smooth experience... it's pretty magical.
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Built by experienced developers, designers and a product team with a passion for NFTs, web products and the common goal of moving web3 forward.

Blokssom DAO is the creative builders studio behind Blokness. Our mission is to increase web3 adoption by creating and growing engaging products while providing web3 builders fun learning opportunities in this new space. Learn more